venueThe Good Life house is a beautifully restored rustic country house set in stunning grounds complete with swimming pools, gardens, and many tucked away cosy nooks and crannies.

The 6 guest bedrooms are all luxuriously furnished and tastefully finished by Maria the owner with textured fabrics and her own art. All are also privy to spectacular views of the beautifully maintained grounds and hills all around.

A beautiful setting for a relaxing weekend, it’s the perfect place to restore, revitalise and renew yourself.



The Good Life house is located between Olost and Orista, about a 15 minute drive from Vic or just one hour from Barcelona city and airport. We will pick you up from the train station at Vic and take you up to your new home for the weekend.

Alternatively if you are flying in and unsure of onward travel arrangements we will meet you in Plaza Catalunya (the airport bus drops you here) and bring you from central Barcelona up to the house.

It is right in the countryside and has the pre-Pyrenean foothills visible wherever you look.

keith“On arrival, very impressed with the location, buildings, and the quality of the accommodation. As other guests arrived we were quickly introduced and I immediately felt welcome. As the catering arrangements were explained, I could appreciate the amount of detail the team had gone into to make sure everyone had a good time, I certainly did.

The highlight of Saturday was the mushroom picking “supervised by a local” I never realised so many mushrooms existed, some of course deadly. Sunday a 6km walk traversing the hills/mountains around us was organised and this was also my first introduction to Nordic Pole walking, which I have since taken up seriously.

To summarise; the exercise regime I enjoyed immensely. Splendid Company, and I look forward to the next occasion when I hope to meet some of these people again” – Keith Taylor, UK


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“One of the best weekends of my life! And I have had a lot of weekends to compare it to. I experienced the best of food, wine, sport, health, nature and most of all, people.
You can look at all the gorgeous pictures but to really understand and appreciate it you need to be there. It’s one of those things that after going you immediately start planning for the next one and thinking of who you want to tell about it so they can come along and enjoy it too.
I went in the spring 2014 and want to go again in 2015 and hope to bring my parents as well because I don't see age as an issue. The GLW is for anyone who wants to share in the good things of life.” - Karen, Barcelona