Zoe Quealley, BSc (hons) MCSP SRP, Good Life Co-founder and Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor

20141206_094656Zoe, founder of Fisioplus Pilates, will be leading our daily pilates classes. Zoe is a back pain specialist and uses manual therapy, massage techniques, acupuncture and Pilates to combat back pain of any source.

She has been teaching Clinical Pilates to individuals and groups for over 15 years. She also trains other Physios to apply Fisioplus Pilates successfully. Anyone can do Pilates with Zoe as she can assess weaknesses and potential problems during the class and adapt exercises immediately for the individual.

Zoe will also be available alongside Nunu to offer therapeutic massage and Physiotherapy sessions, got a niggle? Get rid of it and enjoy The Good Life!

Nunu Roney, Good Life Co-founder and Therapeutic Massage Specialist

Nunu, half Swedish-half English, founder of The Vital Touch Barcelona clinic has been a professional massage therapist for 18 years and has had clinics in London, Madrid, Ibiza and now in Barcelona.

She was trained in London in deep-tissue, aromatic oil massage, Japanese Acupressure massage, Thai stretches and rei-ki which she combines to provide a unique massage tailored to your needs.

Nunu has an incredible special energy which she puts into every single massage. Book a session and experience it for yourself while completely relaxing after your energising morning classes.

Daniel Benites, Personal Trainer

Dany will be leading our Cardio-Box classes and hosting an authentic Argentinian barbecue. Since the age of eight he has dedicated his life to sport from playing professional football in Argentina to having his own personal training studio in Barcelona.

He is now also a professional football coach both for adults and kids. He brings his Argentinian passion for sport, fitness, health and excellent quality meat to The Good Life!

doina1Doina Taylor, thoroughly converted former Good-Lifer, is joining our team in the spring 2015 to bring her “Catalan Kitchen” and Nordic Walking know-how to The Good Life weekend.

Doina adds foodie flare to nourishing home cooking and has promised us one of her signature dishes, thyme infused chicken, tomato and red pepper casserole. It was the first dish she learnt from her Catalan mother in law as it was her new husband’s favourite – Aww!

20141207_120748Jordi Chalmeta. Jordi is the one who will get involved helping you out with any logistical planning and financial needs to get to us at The Good Life house.

Our very own Catalan and nature walk organiser and guide, h is also very handy at making sure everyone always has a glass or plate of something delicious at the right moments!


Needless to say, all of the members of the team are avid fans of The Good Life, and love to live it!!

“Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet every one of you and how I am feeling better than I have in MONTHS!

Everyone was so much fun, so open and I felt like I could easily live on a Good Life commune with you all for maybe a month before my belly muscles got worn out and needed surgery through too much laughing, clamming and eating brownies.

I look forward to a reunion because I need to know what happens at the Monster Inc themed wedding, how people’s life-changing plans are going and whether I saw colours because of the meds or because I really was in a little paradise!

As for those amazing organisers – all I can say is Wow! you not only have superhuman boxing, Piiates, massage, carrot-cutting and drink replenishing skills, but you are passionate and incredibly kind souls.

Thank you all – muchos besos!” – Nicola Thornton

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“One of the best weekends of my life! And I have had a lot of weekends to compare it to. I experienced the best of food, wine, sport, health, nature and most of all, people.
You can look at all the gorgeous pictures but to really understand and appreciate it you need to be there. It’s one of those things that after going you immediately start planning for the next one and thinking of who you want to tell about it so they can come along and enjoy it too.
I went in the spring 2014 and want to go again in 2015 and hope to bring my parents as well because I don't see age as an issue. The GLW is for anyone who wants to share in the good things of life.” - Karen, Barcelona