Food and Wine


Fabulous food and wine is a big part of The Good Life weekend. This is not a green juice only retreat! Good Lifers are all passionate about food so whenever you join us for The Good Life weekend, you can be sure of some great gastronomy. Each Good Life meal also showcases at least one different high quality wine carefully matched to the menu.

We love to keep The Good Life Weekend fresh on every level so not only can you expect to enjoy delicious fresh salads or seasonal veggies with every meal, you can also be surprised by guest chefs whom bring their own special ideas to The Good Life Weekend. In the past we have been blown away by Patrice Hamelin who adds a fabulously French touch to all of his dishes.

Recently we have come to rely on and absolutely love Doina and the delights that come out of her “Catalan Kitchen”.  Abundant mouthwatering Catalan specialities will tantalise your tastebuds. If you want to learn some tricks and recipes, just hang out around the kitchen, it is always bustling with food love and great energy provided by Doina and Jules.  You are always welcome but be aware, you might be put to work 😉

A Good Life favourite has been our Argentinian Barbecue hosted by our very own Argentinian, Dany Benites. Antonio Peréz, world-renowned judge of “jamon” and cheese expert puts together our welcome wine and cheese event. Autumn 2014 saw the first “Masia Chef” cooking competition using recently foraged mushrooms.

For all meals, delicious vegetarian and non‐veggie options are available or why not try a bit of each. We also cater for specific food intolerances and have gluten & dairy free options available. Just let us know in advance if you have any special requirements and we will do our best to make sure there is something tasty for everyone.

Paella Workshop

2014-12-05 08.29.07Spring is once again promising a Good Life favourite, the Paella Workshop.

This workshop run by guest chef Pascual Chalmeta. Interested Good-Lifers can get involved and learn about the authentic preparation of this classic Spanish dish using local, seasonal ingredients.

If Spanish language is new to you, you will also learn some key words as Pascual joyfully conjures up his Paella magic.

His recipe has been passed down through the generations and you will learn all of the secrets and tiny details you can’t learn from cookbooks! If the prep is not your thing just turn up and enjoy watching and savouring the delicious aromas and flavours!

The wine

Wine plays a big part in every Good Life Weekend. We even open the weekend with a tasting event. Sometimes it is a wine and cheese tasting event prepeared by Antonio Peréz (La Pernil i Teca), a renowned expert in cheeses and cured hams.

Spring 2017 will see a ‘blind’ cava tasting event.  You will try a selection of excellent local cavas and a champagne.  Will you be able to tell the difference? Prizes will be awarded of course. These are informal and fun events which give everyone a chance to really get to know each other over a few glasses of something delicious.

Each Good Life meal also showcases at least one different high quality wine carefully matched to the menu.




Jill1“I loved what I hope will be the first of many Good Life weekends. The pilates, country walks and massage were a great counterpoint to the delicious wines, cheeses and Argentinian BBQ.

Zoe, Nunu, Dany and Jordi were great hosts, the house we stayed in was charming, and the surrounding countryside was gorgeous. Can’t wait to do it again!” – Jill, 45,Translator, Barcelona



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“One of the best weekends of my life! And I have had a lot of weekends to compare it to. I experienced the best of food, wine, sport, health, nature and most of all, people.
You can look at all the gorgeous pictures but to really understand and appreciate it you need to be there. It’s one of those things that after going you immediately start planning for the next one and thinking of who you want to tell about it so they can come along and enjoy it too.
I went in the spring 2014 and want to go again in 2015 and hope to bring my parents as well because I don't see age as an issue. The GLW is for anyone who wants to share in the good things of life.” - Karen, Barcelona