Booking is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Email to check availability | tel 659 995 657 or | tel 687 033 017
  2. Pay by PayPal or bank transfer to Zoe Quealley. Bank-La Caixa, Account Number with IBAN: ES02 2100 0795 1101 0054 0813 “Bic or SWIFT” code CAIXESBBXXX
    Please write in the concept “Good Life” + “your name” and forward notification. An invoice will be provided on request.
  3. Receive confirmation email and get excited! We will confirm your place by email and look forward to meeting you living The Good Life!!

Boring stuff aka Terms and Conditions: To reserve your place you can pay in full or if you prefer to split the payment you can transfer a deposit of €100 per person.

Outstanding monies can be paid in two further instalments. Please contact The Good Life team to finalise your payment plan if you prefer to pay in instalments. Full Payment required prior to attending The Good Life Weekend. In extenuating circumstances you can cancel up to 6 weeks before the start of the weekend and get a refund minus €100 deposit, after that time there will be no refunds if we cannot fill your place.

If you require more information about The Good Life Weekend or would like to organise payment in instalments please email us or

tel (+34) 659 995 657
tel (+34) 687 033 017




“One of the best weekends of my life! And I have had a lot of weekends to compare it to. I experienced the best of food, wine, sport, health, nature and most of all, people.
You can look at all the gorgeous pictures but to really understand and appreciate it you need to be there. It’s one of those things that after going you immediately start planning for the next one and thinking of who you want to tell about it so they can come along and enjoy it too.
I went in the spring 2014 and want to go again in 2015 and hope to bring my parents as well because I don't see age as an issue. The GLW is for anyone who wants to share in the good things of life.” - Karen, Barcelona