This weekend is great for couples, groups of friends and individuals as there is plenty to keep everyone happy. Both men and women will love what we have to offer. Whatever your idea of The Good Life, there is a combo of activities perfect for you.


Pilates on The Good Life Weekend is done outdoors admiring the incredible views of the surrounding countryside. Breathe in the fresh air, move and lengthen your body, feel fantastic!

Absolutely anyone can do Pilates with Zoe as she is a Clinical Pilates expert. It doesn’t matter about size, shape, previous levels of fitness or injury. In fact, injuries and niggles are welcomed and as well as enjoying an hour of exercise, you will go away learning a little about your body and specific problems (even if you didn’t know you had any!) and how to get them better for the future.

Pilates during the “Good Life” weekend can be an introduction to Pilates and improving your back strength or it can offer a different point of view to already converted Pilates fans.

Cardio box

Cardio-Boxing is 100% cardiovascular and 100% FUN. You will enjoy a class using the same training techniques as professional boxers. Whether or not you have ever fancied yourself as a bit of a “Rocky” these sessions are so much fun. You will enjoy a full hour of feeling like a real boxer!

Glove up and have a great time whilst releasing tension, boosting your energy and giving your cardiovascular system a challenge. The good Life Cardio Box is suitable for all levels. Dany is a professional trainer, and he pushes everyone to that “just right” amount leaving you with a sense of achievement.

“Cardio box for me was the biggest surprise of the weekend. I never thought it could be SO much fun to do THAT much cardio!!” – Zoe

Walk in nature

We always organise a circular countryside walk suitable for all levels, normally starting and ending in one of the quaint nearby medieval towns. Sometimes this involves learning about the local folklore and history or it may be biased towards seasonal trends or delights like mushroom hunting in Autumn!

Walk, exercise and learn all at the same time. Afterwards take in the local atmosphere and culture with a glass of cool cava or refreshing beer in the plaza and watch the slow paced world go by.

Nordic Walking

We have two Nordic Walking Instructors on the team so why not give it a go.  We will provide you with poles and basic instruction.  Turn your walk into a workout whilst enjoying the rolling hills and snowy peaks in the distance.

Nordic Walking burns 20% extra calories than ordinary walking and it exercises 90% of your muscles (95% when you add a little bit of social chatter with your Good Life companions!) Suitable for all, give it a try and notice how your posture improves immediately, even when you put the poles down.

pam“I really enjoyed my Good Life experience, beautiful setting, loved the combination of outdoor exercise mixed with good wholesome food and amazing wines!!
I really enjoyed the wine and cheese reception on the first evening, great way to chat to everyone and get to know them a little. I thought it was a really unique weekend, absolutely love the concept, my kind of retreat!”
– Pam Cunningham, 32, Barcelona

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“One of the best weekends of my life! And I have had a lot of weekends to compare it to. I experienced the best of food, wine, sport, health, nature and most of all, people.
You can look at all the gorgeous pictures but to really understand and appreciate it you need to be there. It’s one of those things that after going you immediately start planning for the next one and thinking of who you want to tell about it so they can come along and enjoy it too.
I went in the spring 2014 and want to go again in 2015 and hope to bring my parents as well because I don't see age as an issue. The GLW is for anyone who wants to share in the good things of life.” - Karen, Barcelona